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Management Profile

Mr. S D Sharma (Chairman, Lexicon Group of Institutions)

During my days of childhood, opportunities were far less as they are today. The children are fortunate that there are ample prospects of growth. Our duty as a school is to ensure that the students achieve the zenith of their success with all the values intact. We emphasize that success will be cherished if it is achieved by proper means and that is why we value ‘VALUES’ at Lexicon.

Mr. Pankaj Sharma (Managing Trustee, Lexicon Group of Institutions)

Education and learning is a continuous life long process. There is no age limit for learning, the moment learning stops, growth stops. We are striving to make our students understand the importance of being lifelong learners. I believe that the basic education given to the students at Lexicon will also teach them the importance of humility and they will remember this even when they become successful leaders tomorrow.

Mr. Neeraj Sharma (Vice-Chairman, Lexicon Group of Institutions)

‘Believe in yourself’ is the motto of the school. These are three simple words but there is immense depth in these words. There is nothing that can stop the growth of Lexiconites. The students of Lexicon would display knowledge and wisdom in the times to come. The motto ‘Believe in yourself’ would be the mantra of success and when the student would come back - owing his success to school, and when he would narrate his days of school with a smile on his face and a glitter in his eyes, that is when I would feel that the school has played an important role in a student’s life.


Mrs. Deepti Sharma - Director, Lexicon KIDS

Any organization stands on 4 major pillars that are – Trust, Interest , Capability & Values.
At Lexicon KIDS, we thank all the parents, teachers, staff, students and all who are associated with us for trusting in us to develop our children – the future successful citizens of our country. We at Lexicon KIDS take your trust in us as the  most valuable possession and promise to keep up to it. Our intent is to create future citizens of our country who would be successful in many ways and who the nation will be proud of. This we do through our innovative teaching and learning methods to enhance the Multiple Intelligences in our children.
Lexicon KIDS is a leading chain of Pre-Schools in India and is also a part of The Lexicon Group of Institutes which has CBSE Schools and Management Institutes affiliated to the Pune University and A.I.CT.E and is soon launching its under graduate programs and also venturing into the medical field. All Institutes under Lexicon have highly talented motivated and dedicated teachers.
At Lexicon KIDS, we believe in the fact that every School may teach A-Z, nursery rhymes etc. But at Lexicon KIDS along with the above mentioned, we believe in not only inculcating values like Love, Respect for Elders and Honesty , but also Respect for the Country and Fellow Human Beings.

Mrs. Kanika Sahajwalla – Principal, Lexicon KIDS, VIMAN NAGAR

LEXICON - the dictionary describes the word as a branch of knowledge. At Lexicon KIDS, the education imparted makes the child’s mind strong and capable enough to understand and analyze situations and to look at things from different point of view. The curriculum encourages each child to explore and discover new knowledge through experimental learning. The children enjoy their learning and this ignites their passion for continuous pursuit of knowledge. The School environment nurtures the child provides security and helps develop self worth and self esteem and ensures that every child is given a right environment to realize his/her potential.
We at Lexicon KIDS, strive to give our students the best opportunities to learn and grow.

Mrs. Shivani Mehra - Principal, Lexicon KIDS, KHARADI

At Lexicon KIDS, we aim to offer education that is the most varied providing a curriculum that is challenging and also recognizes the importance of all areas of a child’s development. We establish strong academic foundations , achieve outstanding results and engender a mature and independent attitude vital for taking advantages of life’s opportunities. When it comes to success, I believe that close monitoring of students is the vital component. The feel at Lexicon KIDS is a close friendly environment, where all students are able to develop both academically and personally.