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Day care

Importance of a Day Care Centre
  • To many parents, day care is a necessity, causing feelings of guilt and stress for leaving their children in the hands of an unknown day care supervisor. However, studies have shown that young children can reap benefits from being placed in child care facilities at an early age.
  • Finding quality child care with a friendly and nurturing staff is one of the main concerns and priorities of working parents with young children.
  • The children have opportunities to learn socialization skills and how to deal with different types of personalities and cultures. They can learn to play together and share with other children. As they get older, this may pave the way to better relationships with their peers.

Safety, Health and Security are key priorities
  • At Lexicon Kids, day care the toys and other materials are disinfected on a regular basis with safe, non-toxic cleaning products. These products are locked away safely out of the reach of children.
  • We encourage children to wash their hands several times throughout the day. We make learning about health and hygiene fun through songs and rhymes.
  • We assure security by monitoring that only authorised staff and families may enter. No child will be released to any unknown person without written authorisation and proper identification.
  • Our safe, secure perimeters ensure that children can enjoy outdoor play safely. We have a safety main gate which is monitored by our watchman.
Facilities at our day care
  • Child centric infrastructure with bright and lively atmosphere to make the kids feel at home.
  • To make learning effective yet enjoyable; we follow Monthly themes even at our Day care. This gives a boost to the activities we line up related to the themes.
  • A structured time table is followed to take care of all the developments.
  • Stress is laid upon personality development and basic etiquettes.
  • Regular updates of the child via whatsapp in form of photos and videos.
  • A healthy and well planned Snack time.
  • A doctor on call in case of any emergencies.
  • We aim to give the children opportunities to select their own activities and to develop their own interests.
  • Through art, music, dance, role play and imaginative play we provide opportunities to children to explore and express their thoughts.

Interesting facts and highlights of our day care centre

Early Literacy and vocabulary An active story time session where the teacher read stories to the children. We also have books available for children to read during the free activity time. Though one shouldn't expect your child to read words until kindergarten or first grade, these activities teach children some of the basics of early literacy, such as how stories work and how to look at books. Teacher will also probably teach the ABC song, along with some phonics. In addition, your child's vocabulary will start to increase, as he is exposed to these stories and to people talking to him and around him all day.

Counting and Numbers
Our teacher also frequently work with children on their counting skills, using toys or snacks to generate interest. For example, They may instruct children to take three apple slices at snack time. Children who are a bit older or show special interest may also begin to learn written numbers, including recognition and writing of the number.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills
Our day care is an ideal place for children to learn gross and fine motor skills through play, often offering a much wider variety of activities than the parent can offer at home. Toddlers will build gross motor skills by playing with balls, encouraging group play. They'll build fine motor skills using toys like puzzles or blocks, and during craft time, where they can practice holding crayons or stringing beads on a string.

Social Interactions
Toddlers also learn how to interact with others and in a group setting. They begin to learn important social skills, such as waiting your turn to talk and sharing with others. They can also build friendships with the others in the centre, which develops the skills of conversation and playing together, as opposed to side-by-side play.

Circle time
The limited amount of structure in the form of “Circle Time” is equally important and offers countless opportunities for learning. Children develop listening skills, readiness for schools, socialization, parent bonding etc..

Nap time
Napping is an important routine in a day care. Sleep is important for young children. It’s during this resting period which helps them learn better and stimulates their memory. It’s during this time that they’re making antibodies to protect themselves against diseases and infections, and it’s also during this time that growth hormones are stimulated, allowing them to grow healthily. To make sure kids enjoy their nap time at Lexicon, we have specially designed colourful bunk beds for kids keeping their security in mind.